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Megan and Ragan are identical twins. Megan is a former English Teacher with 14 year tenure, but always an Educator in Life lessons. Ragan is a survivor of a 3rd open-heart surgery. Together they have built their business to the QUEEN level trading with TRADERA in only 5 ½ weeks..

Megan is a former English Teacher with 14 year tenure, but always an Educator in Life lessons.  She has been with Tradera for approximately 6 weeks and has attained the level of a Queen.  She shares many messages such as; not all storms come to disrupt your life – some come to clear your path.  She says pull over and just smile.
While hired as an English Teacher, Megan was able to mesh together English and Life lessons together. She always gets her lessons from inspirations.  She says we need to remember that we’re in a business together, but more importantly, we’re in a life together first, and life is going to happen to all of us.  
Megan enjoys coaching, helping, and developing us to reach our fullest potential.  She believes that when we learn a skill set in Forex, it will take us thru life, and we can support each other through tough times.  She asks for us to always pray for our leaders, focus on moving forward, don’t look back, elevate and allow our pain to help us find our purpose in life.  Let our “Why” helps us to “Fly”.


June 1st 2018 was my Life Changing Moment.... I was filling out my Will the night before my 3rd Open Heart Surgery & I didn't have anything to leave my children...NOTHING!!! I could only say where I wanted them to end up if anything happened to me.

After making it through surgery I was determined to not be poor or a charity case always receiving and never giving...I spent 8 months recovering while working part time....I studied online and passed the State of Ohio Life Insurance Exam...I tried out for Shark Tank with my Children's Playing Card Game "All Day Recess", and moved back out on my own with my children, but still struggling😩

FAST FORWARD roughly 6 weeks ago, I said YES to an opportunity that changed my life... I was working in a factory making $12 hr, Single mom of 4 going through a much needed divorce after 14 years, struggling and staying afloat with the help of family (Jacquelyn Trice King Travis Trice Julie M Trice Megan Lynch) & once again I was in a bind... My lights got shut off for 5 days with a $800 light bill due....Broke doesn't mean Broke Minded...MY YES 6 weeks ago has allowed me to prepare a Legacy for my children...Has allowed me to make business plans to fund my own Mobile Game to help kids with ADHD, It has allowed me to search for a Food Truck to buy to start my family business, It will allow me to effectively promote my Athletes Have Heart Campaign to save lives by promoting awareness of Sudden Cardiac Death in young athletes.

My message is "DON'T LOSE HOPE, & TAKE ACTION!!!"

"DON'T GIVE UP ON YOURSELF...Find opportunities that will allow you to get what you want in life...My children are my 🌎 & I'm not stopping until I give them everything they deserve & more!!"

PHONE: (754) 216-4324
18350 NW 2nd Avenue, Suite 620, Miami Gardens, Florida 33169-4570

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